Since 1963, the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS) has been meeting the needs of aboriginal people making a transition to the urban Vancouver community.

The Friendship Centre, a charitable organization provides programs in health, welfare, social services, human rights, culture, education, recreation and equality for all genders of aboriginal people of all age groups.  The Friendship Centre emphasizes the philosophies and values of varied aboriginal cultures and traditions. With over 50 years of providing essential services to the urban aboriginal community, the VAFCS has helped families, youth, adults, elders and children maintain their aboriginal cultural ties and values.  

The VAFCS has also helped aboriginal people access education, housing needs and support for families.  The Friendship Centre strives to provide holistic and cultural services to all of its community members.

Volunteer Program

If you are considering volunteering here at VAFCS, we promise you a rewarding and exciting experience. We require volunteers from time to time for special events (less than 10 hours) or for ongoing support for our regular programs such as the Elders Program and the After School Program.


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Available Services:

Organization: Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society
Office Location: 1607 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1S7
Tel: 604-251-4844 Ext 300 Call for Appointments

The Urban Aboriginal Navigation Team (UANT) provides housing and support services for Indigenous people who are in crisis, at risk of being homeless, homeless and are experiencing the effects of homelessness. This includes providing support to people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak in the community and at home, with the following programs: 

Reaching Home Community Navigator Program: Alana Obey - Client Support Coordinator –  (604) 251-4844 Ext 327  - Assists individuals and families that are at risk and/or facing homelessness,  in crisis with emergency rent subsidies, utilities, food access, emergency supplies and a wide range resources. CNP can assist with tenant landlord relations.   

Homeless Prevention Program: Fawn Adolph.  - HPP can assist clients in crisis with emergency rent subsidies and food access. 
Homeless Outreach Worker. Franklin Alexcee  -  -Street outreach, emergency supplies, Evenlyne Sellar meal tickets, housing support for homeless youth and adults. Coordinate with BC Housing and the City of Vancouver, Carnegie Outreach, Homeless Isolation Shelter Referrals, Covid19 Medical Referrals Homeless Community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Cultural Worker. Curtis Ahenakew  -    - Cultural and emotional support for Indigenous community. Coordinates directly with Outreach Worker. Elders Foodbank and hot Lunch mobile distribution please sign up with elders coordinator. Distribution is limited 604 251-4844 Ext 314  
UANT has direct online access a partnership with a Specialty Community Integration worker from the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty to provide direct and easy service for emergency crisis cheques, food vouchers, intake and other matters with Income assistance. For information please contact James Hunter - communityhousingnavigator@vafcs.or

VAFCS operates a low- barrier mat shelter for males and female adults. Guests are provided with a bag lunch and dinner. Line up beginning at 3:00PM.  
Shelter information; Preston Stimson.  604 251-4844 Ext 303

UANT has created and is updating a social media group on Facebook called Vancouver Indigenous Housing Support Team (VIHST), formerly VAHST. This an open community group where service providers and community members can continue to share and connect with each other during the current public health crisis COVID-19. This group can share news, photos, stories. culture provide updates on their agency’s continuing programs with the Indigenous community and agencies working with the Indigenous community. Many of us workers are still working from home or online and we are finding new and creative ways to continue to coordinate and provide services to our community. The Urban Aboriginal Navigation Team at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre is still serving our community's homeless and at risk of homelessness through our Reaching Home and Homeless Prevention Programs.


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"Some say the children are our future; education is the future because people have been making up our minds for us for too long. It's time to think for ourselves and the centre supports our people to do that" - Andrew