The Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS) was registered in 1963 under the British Columbia Act as a non profit organization.

The Centre has been providing quality programs and services to the community for over 50 years. Since incorporation the centre has moved a few times; it was previously located on West Broadway, Vine Street and due to growth, and to better serve Our People the centre is now located at 1607 East Hastings Street.

The VAFCS is dedicated to the following mission statement:

"To provide practical tools for accomplishing our visionary ends through socio economic programs and services that empowers self reliance; responsibility; success and prosperity, for all urban Aboriginal individuals, family and community."

The mandate of the centre is to meet the needs of the urban Aboriginal People making a transition to the urban community. The centre provides programs in health and welfare, social services, human rights, culture, education, recreation and equality for all genders of Aboriginal People of all age groups.

VAFCS is a charitable organization and emphasizes the philosophies and values of varied Aboriginal culture and traditions. For example, VAFCS helps children, youth, families adults and elders maintain their Aboriginal cultural ties through various program and traditional community activities. VAFCS helps Aboriginal people access education, housing needs and support for families. The centre strives to provide holistic and cultural services to all of its community members.

Over 40,000 urban Aboriginal People are identified and targeted as the clientele base of the VAFCS in its catchment area of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

"I always leave the centre with a full belly and a happy heart." - Elder